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Monkstown Nursery
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Monkstown Nursery School is a controlled school, maintained by the Education Authority, North Eastern Division. It caters for 78 children of pre-school age, with one full time and two part time sessions.

Monkstown Nursery is a very happy place, where all children are valued, respected and encouraged.

In Monkstown Nursery School we consider the uniqueness of each child as the basis for our provision. All children are valued, respected and encouraged to develop life skills and a love of learning. Sensitive, caring professionals provide a supportive, happy, inclusive, nurturing and empowering learning environment and plan relevant, challenging experiences for every child. With parents as partners, we aim to enable all children to develop to their full potential, as they grow in confidence, independence and compassion.

We aim to be:-

  • Supportive to children, parents, staff and the wider school community as we work together to achieve improved outcomes for our children.
  • A Happy place to play, learn, work and visit. We want children to enjoy being children and to have fun.
  • Inclusive to every child and family, as we endeavour to reduce the barriers to learning and promote an inclusive environment.
  • Nurturing towards all, as we ensure the care and well-being of the children underpins all aspects of the curriculum. We regard personal, social and emotional development as the foundation for all areas of learning.
  • Empowering as we provide opportunities for children to feel confident to try new challenges and make informed choices and decisions that will promote their wellbeing.

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